The Big Bang Theory

I completely understand if you don’t like the big bang theory because you don’t think its funny. Thats fine, and to be honest it isn’t really that funny. But to get completely butt hurt over the fact that it isn’t politically correct and it defames women is a whole different story.

Whats the big deal? no one gets pissed off at stand-up comedians when they make profane/anti-women/anti-anything jokes. Its just a sitcom and to ask every tv show to be politically correct and not to laugh at anyones expense its kind of unreasonable.

Its just entertainment. Not a political statement. And I highly doubt the producers intended it to offend anyone. So can everyone just please calm down

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#this had been a rant

  1. hatepixie said: i agree w/ you people are so stupid, they are all for social justice when it offends them, but then they make jokes that offend groups not related to them. people are such hypocrites/fuckheads
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